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Thank to the financial support from the International Visegrad Fund ZPMP v SR and the partner organizations from Czech republic, Hungary and Poland will realize a new project in 2012 named “Moving Forward – The Self advocacy movement in V4 countries”. The project’s duration is 1 year.


The main goal of the project is to develop the self advocacy movement in V4 countries by supporting and fortifying the competences of the professionals, dealing with self advocacy.

During the project we will organize 4 workshops for the professionals. Moreover we will compile the methodology brochure that will be available online for free download.

About the project

The project reflects the lack of opportunities for professionals to improve their competences in the field of self advocacy. The self advocacy helps people with intellectual disability to get know themselves, their rights, duties, world they are living in. The development of self advocacy ties all V4 countries together – from the time we started, we cooperate, inspire each other. Every country creates its own methodology based on its own practice. Every country faces the same problems, e.g. we all need to improve our skills and methods but we have no possibilities. This project is solution for this situation.

Project targets:

  •  Development of self advocacy by fortyfying competences of the professionals
  •  Raise awareness of the public and support the development of self advocacy in other cities

To fulfill these targets we will realize 2 activities: organizing 4 workshops (Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw, Budapest), creating common methodology brochure (summarizes best practises, available online)

The project has 2 target groups - the professionals in a field of self advocacy and the self advocates themselves.

Project partners

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